Zenmuse X7 DL/DL-S Lens ND128 Filter(DLX Series)

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  • More ND value options available for various shooting scenarios
  • Refined optical glass captures real-life colors
  • High-quality coating reduces glare
  • Compatible with DJI's Cinema Color System
  • Waterproof and smudge-proof coating is easy to clean

Different ND filters allow more control of the camera’s aperture and shutter speed, giving users more freedom to create. The filters are made of a refined optical glass that captures real-life colors and are compatible with DJI’s Cinema Color System. A high-quality coating effectively reduces glare when shooting under backlit or bright conditions. The lens surface has a waterproof and smudge-proof coating that is easy to clean. 




Diameter: 46 mm
Weight: 9 g (single)


Zenmuse X7 DL/DL-S Lens Set
Zenmuse X7 DL-S 16mm F2.8 ND ASPH Lens
Zenmuse X7 DL 24mm F2.8 LS ASPH Lens
Zenmuse X7 DL 35mm F2.8 LS ASPH Lens
Zenmuse X7 DL 50mm F2.8 LS ASPH Lens

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