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SKYRC T6200 CHARGER (Battery Meter/Motor RPM Tester/Servo Tester) FOR LIPO BATTERY

Multifunction 200Watt Touch Screen Charger by SKYRC
Well... not only a charger, but also a tester for battery, servo and motor!

SKYRC finally has a touch screen charger now, what you are looking at is the T6200 Touch Screen Charger, it has an output of 200 Watt, with this formula Amps = Watt / Volt, you can charge a 22.2V battery with 9~10A output or 11.1V battery at 18A, this is super fast for a charger this size!! (You need a good DC power supply of course!). About the hardware, it was proven that SKYRC always use good quality transformers and IC inside their chargers, if they say it has 200 Watt, it really has 200 Watt, they also put some thoughts on how to keep it cool, there are two smart fans on the back, they suck in cool air from the rear and vent the hot air on the front and create a circulation, one point for SKYRC!

The T6200 is a high-tech computerized charger, it has detail log for the battery you are charging, it will show graphs and data on the screen, that' is so cool! Better yet, you can use the T6200 has different ports for connect servo and Sensored Motor, it will turn to a Servo Tester, a Motor RPM Tester (Sensored Motor) or a Battery Monitor, thanks to the big LCD screen, it shows you the parameter clearly, and you can change the settings by touching the screen directly. For high end users, you can buy the SKYRC PC Connection Kit and connect the T6200 to a PC computer, by using the "Charge Master" software you will gain full control of the charger and more detailed graphs, this is fancy stuff for a RC players. 

Small charger with quick charging time
200 Watt output means you can charge a 11.1V 2200mah in about 10-13 minutes if you use 10A to charge. (Remember, too large charging Amps will shorten battery's life span.)

Finally, a touch screen charger from SKYRC
We like SKYRC chargers because of the good quality, now it has a Touch Screen for better using experience.

Four different kinds of Balance Plug on the same board, that's the first!
Every battery brand has their own standard balance plug, SKYRC put them on the same board, that's convenient.

You need to connect a external DC power supply (PSU)
Using a 20A PSU would be nice for the T6200.

Proudly made by SKYRC
Helipal sources the best quality products, we recommend SKYRC products

Not only a charger, T6200 also has Testing function for Servo and Brushless Motors!
It has a Temp. sensor socket, Servo Testing socket and BL Motor Sensor Socket.

New design to stay cool
It has two smart fans, they suck air form the rear and vent the hot air in the front.

You need to solder your battery plug onto the charging cables
The charging cables are open ended, solder your desired type of plugs.

SKYRC T6200 Multifunction Charger Specification :
DC Input : 11-18V
Charge circuit power : 200W
Discharge current power : 40W
Charge current range : 0.1-12.0A
Discharge current range : 0.1-5.0A
NiCd/NiMH battery cell count : 1-15Cells
LiPo/LiFe/Li-ion cell count : 1-6Cells
Pb battery voltage : 2-20V
Net weight : 540g
Dimension : 140x165x60mm

This package includes :
1. SKYRC T6200 Charger
2. Red Black Charging Cable (Open ended)
3. Balance Board w/ cable
4. DC Power connection cord (XT60 plug)
5. English Manual

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