1. DJI Modify - Shaping the World - DJI-RC Corner

    DJI Modify - Shaping the World - DJI-RC Corner

    Title: DJI Revolutionizes Aerial Modeling with DJI Modify: Your Go-To Solution for Intelligent 3D Model Editing




    DJI Enterprise, the pioneer in industrial drones and cutting edge aerial camera technology, has unveiled DJI Modify, a groundbreaking intelligent 3D model editing software. This innovative solution is meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with DJI's enterprise drones and the acclaimed 3D mapping software, DJI Terra. DJI Modify is set to redefine aerial surveying, modeling, and model editing, catering to the diverse operational needs of professionals in fields such as surveying, transportation, and emergency response.


    Effortless Workflow Integration with DJI Terra:

    DJI Modify transforms the 3D modeling landscape by offering a smooth, end-to-end solution when paired with DJI Terra. A single click within any DJI Terra 3D modeling

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  2. Early threat protection using Agras Drones | Dates Palm Tree

    The dates palm tree is a common tree in the United Arab Emirates.

    In the United Arab Emirates, dates are harvested from the dates palm tree. In fact, it is a huge part of their culture as they use the date as a symbol of hospitality and generosity. The Palm tree is the primary agricultural crop in UAE and one of the biggest dates palm tree farms is in the Middle East. Dates palm tree seen attractive however one of the core challenges faced by farm owners is maintaining the trees health condition against threats. Farm owners spend a massive amount to ensure the trees are properly taking care of aside labor cost and water irrigation ensuring good quality and high output, farmers spend a considerable amount of time and effort in caring for their trees, early treatment is a must against threats such as;

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